The Pipit is a migratory bird that lives all around the world, including in the UK. It is also a British podcast series, dedicated to telling human, migrant stories.

Seeking Refuge

This month's episode explores the journeys people take to find refuge, through fiction, investigation and interviews. First, a story by award-winning playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak, following a woman from Syria who is torn between two countries, as well as two lovers. After that, we travel to Calais, to find out what life is like for migrants trying to make it across the border and get the the UK (most refugees, if they make it, access the UK in this way). Finally, we speak to Eiad Zinah, a doctor and refugee whose journey here included great risks, and surprising moments of friendship and care.

Music: Colwall Requiem for Aleppo, by Liz Johnson; recordings from the © David Fanshawe archive

Special thanks to The Battersea Arts Centre, Help Refugees, Refugee Community Kitchen and Georgina Cox.